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Hello, Our organization has been present for over 18 years. We make the best for all our Children, Women and Youth.



Empower the vulnerable through Gandhian principle of "Sarvodaya" (universal uplift). Sahyog employees’ right based, people centered, grass root and participatory methods: to eliminate socio economic inequality. "Equal and Integrated community development Through Mind, Education, Employment and Economics"


Fostering a society wherein women are empowered enough to lead decentlife, all children are healthy, happy and enjoy their rights.


Driven by his dream of bringing a constructive and meaningful change in society, Shekhar Mahajan conceived the idea of Sahyog Care for You in the year 2002. This organisation is his baby that created a niche in the social sector as well as sustainability industry. An MSW post graduate, a lawyer by profession, a philanthropist by passion and a social reformer by choice, Shekhar has high aspirations, strong demeanour and yet a soft streak in him. He leveraged his education, experience and social skills to do his bit, to create Sahyog Care while facing and overcoming the challenges that come on his way. He has strategized and implemented various programmes across India, reached nine states and together with Sahyog team, personified the values of care, diligence and empathy. His mettle need no testimony, he converted challenges into opportunities by conducting thorough research to provide simple and strategic solutions to the communities in need. Sahyog Care made available, urban underutilized material, to far flung rural communities to address their basic needs of education, personal hygiene, sanitation, water conservation and means to livelihood.

Backed by a rich experience in the social sector, his undeterred guidance and out-of-the box thinking is instrumental in Sahyog care growth over the years. Shekhar says, Sahyog does not want to grow only as an organization but also as a scaffold for those in need, creating a small world holistically... a world where children would not be deprived of their basic right to education, a world where needy women would find employment through professional training, a world where empathy his not pretended but practiced.

Doing the right thing, everytime.







Assessing and analyzing

Assess Assessing and analyzing their current scenario, Sahyog reaches out to the community by using various tools, such as focus group discussions, meetings, campaigns, pilot studies etc.

Assist Assisting the community after assessment in the required field by building the capacity of the community through providing life skill trainings, or finding the prospective donors etc.

Access Access the resources, Sahyog takes the further step synergizing with the community, to the extent that the community is equipped enough on its own. These could be in any shape or form be it be either cash, or kind or engaging the community in viable livelihood options.

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