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WASH- Water And Sanitation Hygiene

WASH (Water And Sanitation Hygiene)

Sahyog care for you is a nonprofit working on water & sanitation in Indian schools and we want to understand better how the lack of toilets in school.To address this problem Sahyog helps to renovate and constructed toilets in schools.

It was estimated that 2 out of 5 Indian schools did not have separate toilets for boys and girls, and over 2.5 lakh schools did not have any toilets at all. A total of 27.6 million children i.e. 14.1 million boys and 13.5 million girls’ according to the 14.7% of total children enrolled do not have access to toilet facility in schools. 7 states which include Orissa, Meghalaya, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Assam and Bihar, account for almost 50% i.e. 13.8 million children without access to toilet facilities in schools.

Sahyog aims to create an enabling school environment and improve students’ health. It proposes to extend the activities that would include standardized toilet facilities to achieve:

  • Achieving universal primary education, by improving attendance and minimizing dropouts (especially in adolescent girls)
  • achieving gender equality through increased education for girls
  • Combating disease through better hygiene
  • Environmental sustainability through better waste management
  • Reducing hunger by encouraging children to eat regular meals and drink water at school which they will not do without assured access to toilets during the day.
  • Privacy and comfort to girl students and female teachers and support retentions of girl students in classes of primary and higher primary schools. In addition, improved sanitation status in schools increases children’s awareness of sanitation issues and empowers them to be change agents in their families and communities.

In addition, improved sanitation status in schools increases children’s awareness of sanitation issues and empowers them to be change agents in their families and communities.

Programme Objectives

This program supports the following Objectives:

  • Equitable access to WASH facilities & improved hygiene practices at Schools & benefiting school children & Tourists
  • Increased number of open defecation free Schools and comfort of students to attend schools.

Under this program Sahyog has renovated school toilets and improved personal hygiene in more than 100 MCD schools in Delhi/NCR: Through the program Sahyog sensitized 100 MCD school children on personal hygiene and sanitation. As the toilet is one of the main reasons for girls to dropout from schools, so Sahyog care explained the importance of sanitation for a good health. The aim of this project is to be recuperating the education significance in schools, to offer access to digital literacy and labs and to improve infrastructure in schools.

With the help of Sahyog the all repair/ replacement work of toilets and hand washing areas has been done. Now all the toilets and hand washing point are clean and hygienic to use for children.

Health & WASH

Water, sanitation, and hygiene issues, collectively known as WASH issues, have an important role for every child because of three important reasons.

  • WASH challenges are universal to human existence and all students. For this reason, WASH education is relevant to all children and will build upon their existing knowledge.
  • Students act as important vehicle to transfer knowledge to their families, friends and the wider community.
  • Behavior changes can be easily made at a young age. Thus, the sooner the students are able to understand these issues, the more likely they will begin to practice positive Behaviors Personal hygiene improves the quality of life of the students. So Arunima introduced the Health & WASH sessions. This is of great importance in a slum community where the living conditions are poor. These sessions were undertaken to spread awareness among the school children and to identify any misconception among them regarding the maintenance of personal hygiene.

Objectives of the session

  • Student understands the importance of halt to their well being.
  • Students receive an introduction to water, sanitation, and hygiene and CSA issues.

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