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Daily food uptill 30/6/2020

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Save Families From COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused devastation across the globe. Besides the tragic toll on human life, with countries shutting their borders and quarantines, economies have taken a huge hit. The tragedy has just begun to unfold in India and the job losses are mounting, especially among the daily wage workers. Experts say the effect on this group will be catastrophic.

Coronavirus is an international disaster on the scale of the Second World War. We have launched this campaign as an emergency response - to help provide a safety net to casual labour families. We aim to directly support these families by providing a minimum wage in cash, hopefully with your support till the virus abates and they are in employment again.

These unemployed individuals have been duly verified by Sahyog Care. The whole world is suffering - and is trying to cope with huge losses. But those without any job security or savings are the most vulnerable. Sahyog give generously to those hardest hit by COVID-19.


NGO identifies the beneficiaries

Sahyog receives regular updates on daily basis of disbursement of cooked food, dry ration and sanitization kits and they carry out verification process wherever feasible.

100% of your donation is forwarded towards relief efforts.

₹ 77,31,737

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The only way to stop the spread of the virus is to prevent it. Let’s come together and help India fight Coronavirus.

On The Ground Updates

( Support Covid-19 Hit Families )

24th march to 30th june 2020.

Current Status: We are making sure that monies are being provided to the migrant and casual labourers who have lost their jobs due to Covid lockdown. Sahyog team identify and list qualified beneficiaries. The list is being constantly updated with newer beneficiaries each day. Our team is also verifying the real need of the beneficiaries through phone calls, verifying ration card, aadhar card etc. Along with cash support beneficiaries are also receiving dry ration items like rice, pulses, oil, salt and other basic provisions. The disbursement is done by Sahyog staff and we are also doing direct transfers to beneficiaries wherever possible.

Area Covered: Haryana, Delhi, Telangana

Beneficiaries to be impacted: 5 Lacs

Disbursement: 15 Days

Cash in their hands helps to

  • Pay basic essentials

  • Buy basic rations to feed their families

  • Survive sudden loss of income due to COVID-19

You can be a part of the solution to provide a safety-net for the thousands of poor labourers who have lost their jobs due to Coronavirus

₹ 2,500 or any other amount

Helps 1 family in Delhi Urban Poor for a month

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( Donations are tax exempted under section 80G )