Why Child Labour Rescue operations are Necessary To Create A Better Future

child labour rescue

Millions of young people head off to work each morning to make a living. This is the pattern that has been established for them, and it is the cause of their declining mental, physical, and emotional health. Numerous kids in various parts of India are going through childhood in misery rather than taking pleasure in these formative years.

It is even more terrible that child labour is a reality that has become the standard for most people because they are accustomed to having young children serve them tea at dhabas and other neighbourhood businesses. Children can even be seen polishing shoes on numerous busy streets, sitting at paan stores, or washing dishes in the back of restaurants.

The need for child labour rescue services becomes apparent in this situation.

  • Justifications for Participating

There are many industries where you’d notice the prevalence of child labor and the dearth of effective child labor rescue. Most of the time, this occurs when the child in question is an orphan, resides with relatives who expect them to contribute, or has poor parents who need an extra pair of hands to supplement the meagre family income. children who run away frequently. These street kids lack any guardians or other support systems that could help them choose the appropriate path for a healthy upbringing.

  • Locations of Occurrences

Children can be found working long hours in a number of dangerous areas, such as various factories. In order to earn wages that are below the federal minimum, they engage in risky activities and even risk their health. For example, companies that produce clothing, crackers, cigarettes, and other goods, as well as many other unorganized businesses, use young children to work for them.

  • Family and Friends

Youngsters who work as children miss out on playing with other kids, which has a significant impact on their social and mental development. These kinds of playtime activities teach kids how to make friends, and friendships help them grow up to be self-assured, empathetic, and loving people. Our society’s stark reality of child labour needs to be dismantled and fixed as soon as possible. Millions of youngsters struggle daily to obtain basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter, and many are unaware of obligations like education that they must fulfill in order to truly enrich their lives.


One such group in Delhi/NCR is Sayogcare4you, which has been striving to safeguard children from child labour, provide help raising finance child labour rescue for abandoned children, and assist them in positively reintegrating into society. Donate to Sayogcare4you immediately and support the rescau operations.

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