What are the causes of India’s high rate of child exploitation?

Children represent a nation’s hope and future. This is why child exploitation is such a major concern not only in India but in every developing country. Many laws have been passed to prevent child labour, but they have proven ineffective in addressing the issue. This is due to a variety of factors. We’ve listed the most important ones below. Why? Because at Sahyog Care for You, we feel that understanding the root of the problem will help you raise more awareness about it.

Top causes of child labour in India

In India, the major causes of child exploitation are:


Due to high rates of unemployment and underemployment induced by poverty, parents are forced to put their children to work for low wages. This is unethical but common practice as in underdeveloped countries, children are seen as the family’s pillars of support. Making control of child labor is extremely challenging because children must not only support themselves but also their families by earning a living. 

Previous Debts

People take out loans because they are in a bad financial situation. However, because they do not have enough money to repay the loans, they not only work day and night to pay them off, but they also drag their children to work to ensure that the debts are paid off on time and without difficulty.

Bonded Labour

 Bonded labour contributes far more to the widespread increase in child labour. Children are frequently exposed to the sun for lengthy periods and are deprived of water and food. These children are rarely compensated.

Domestic Help

Small children frequently work for educated households, and despite various laws prohibiting the employment of children, they frequently invite small children to help them care for their homes and children.

Child Sex Workers

Girls who have reached puberty are frequently coerced into prostitution instead of being promised opportunities to work in glamorous jobs.

Forced Begging

Families that are unable to sustain their children drive them to beg on the streets in deplorable conditions.


In India, the dissonance and inhumanity of child labour have ruined the childhood years of one out of every eleven children. They labor long hours in horrible conditions for just a little more than the minimum wage, jeopardizing their rights. This contributes to the dreadful cycle of child abuse, which leads to a cascade of more child exploitation. Even though the system has failed to assist families whose children are compelled to work at such a young age instead of having a healthy and caring childhood.

Sahyog Care for You supports the cause by actively safeguarding children from exploitative circumstances via financial aid and ensuring that they are reunited with supportive families.

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