foundation of child exploitation
Child Exploitation

What Factors Lays the Foundation of Child Exploitation in Indian Society

Children who are raised in an atmosphere that promotes intellectual, physical, and emotional development grow up to be responsible citizens who contribute to the growth of society and the economy. Children who are forced to work in hazardous conditions with few opportunities for self-development are more likely to be malnourished and suffer from poor cognitive…

NGO for the mentally challenged in Delhi

Significance of NGO for the Mentally Challenged in Delhi

There is a significant disparity between service needs for disabled people in school, training, vocational training, and employment. At the same time, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have taken on larger duties in providing financial help and other services to the disabled. The central government and, in some cases, the state governments provide financial assistance to NGOs,…

NGO in India

Why NGO In India Is Considered Significant Today?

Education is the most potent tool for changing the world and the most effective means of breaking the cycle of poverty. Despite this, almost two crore children (NSS-2014) are still out of school in India despite 75 years of independence. These youngsters are denied not just their right to an education, but also their childhood…