NGO and Personal Role in Child Labour Rescue

child labour rescue

India personifies the conflict in numerous ways. The strongest legal system in the world is in place in the biggest democracy, specifically intending to abolish child labor. However, India has the highest rates of child labor in the entire globe.

Children’s rights and state and local statutes protect and assist children in advancing our nation’s primary goal of preventing child labor. India employs a pro-activist child labour rescue policy to address the issue of child labour.

In a genuine sense, child labor in India has undergone a revolution thanks to the Indian judicial system, whose contribution to the issue is particularly laudable. The Indian Constitution’s Articles provide a picture of children in general and child labor in particular. And a similar attitude is being continued by the Indian Judiciary.

The Indian Judiciary has been instrumental in reducing the issue of child labor, and it has shown its concern for the issue by directing employment or other actions taken following court orders through the direct application of constitutional laws. It was a major decision that eliminated child labor concerns in India.

Organizations that are not governmental (NGOs)

It must be addressed to prevent activities like human trafficking and participation in unregulated activities for labor growth, such as delays in education and a lack of parental care.

To end this social injustice, NGOs are continually striving to provide child labour rescue from working in businesses, and residents have been warned to report any instances of child labour. Although civic society has pledged to support and end child labor, there is a strong need to make this a public issue. The government can only create rules to address the problem; however, if child abuse is allowed to continue daily, it will also result in attacks on a personal level.

On an Individual level

Residents must actively participate. People should develop the ability to operate following a widespread perception. When acting, they must use critical and inventive thought. Every person should understand this and take action to assume responsibility for the results. Since they are resourceful in taking the initiative and coming up with solutions, local people play a crucial part. There are countless ways to help, and every effort—no matter how small—that discourages this inhumane use will make a big difference. By engaging in the following behaviors, everyone can help address this issue:

  • Be a responsible consumer.
  • Get familiar with the laws.
  • Make effective use of your concern for punishment.
  • Keep an eye out and report abuse.
  • Inform the parents of children who are working as laborers.
  • Participate in pioneering movements or groups that aim to end child labor.
  • Establish a community free from child labor


One such group in Delhi/NCR is Sayogcare4you, which has been striving to safeguard children from child labor, provide help raising finance child labor rescue for abandoned children, and assist them in positively reintegrating into society. Donate to Sahyog Care For You immediately and support the rescue operations.

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