Child Exploitation

Understanding What Conditions Lead to Child Abuse and Exploitation in india?

Eradicating the variables contributing to the foundation of child exploitation in our country’s future is crucial. They place high importance on an environment that fosters learning, growth, and progress. Even after decades of independence, child labor still stands in the way of thousands of children in India experiencing a secure and healthy upbringing. We must…

Child Exploitation

The Significance of Child Sexual Exploitation Rescue NGOs

You can aid in the prevention of child trafficking, which constitutes a form of child abuse in India. With “child safety” as one of our key priorities, we at Sayogcare4you are dedicated to a sexual exploitation rescue solutions approach to this persistent problem. The program helps trafficked victims with “rescue,” “restoration,” and “rehabilitation” while concentrating on issues…

foundation of child exploitation
Child Exploitation

What Factors Lays the Foundation of Child Exploitation in Indian Society

Children who are raised in an atmosphere that promotes intellectual, physical, and emotional development grow up to be responsible citizens who contribute to the growth of society and the economy. Children who are forced to work in hazardous conditions with few opportunities for self-development are more likely to be malnourished and suffer from poor cognitive…